Sunday, March 8, 2015

Little Owl Pin or Pendent

Little carved owls seem to be quite popular now.  This especially true where we are in NW Florida, at the OWL CAFE.   On an upcoming Sunday we'll be treating our kids to a Sunday Brunch at the Owl cafe.  It's quite a nice place.  Linen napkins and all....Part of my tip to the waitress has been a small carved owl pin.  This year will be no different.

Since this will be a pin, we'll start with a 1/4th inch thick piece of Basswood.

Trace the pattern and cut the blank.

Using your knife, remove the shaded top part of the owl blank.

Using a pencil, draw the eyes and face area on the blank.

Make stopcuts at the drawn in face features.

Round over the eye area, beak, and the top of the owls head.

Round over the owls body, thin down the tail. Make cuts to define the wings.
I use a 22 caliber shell case to press the eyes in.

Use a wood burner to outline the eyes, head area, beak,  wings, and feet.  
Use a Small U gouge to cut the "feathers" in the chest area.

Dip the owl into stain. add pin back.

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