Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Whittling with a Sore Hand!

Been gone for the past month.  Road trip with various stops, all of which involved some whittling and some instruction.  And not to forget a laptop that at the very least was not responding.  So no posts...

On to the current topic.  "Whittling with a Sore hand"  I am discovering that when one gets old one may be subject to more aches and pains than when younger.  If that's the test, then I'm old.  Returned home after two days of whittling demonstrations and instructions, and whittling maybe 100 Santa pins and ornaments.  I wondered why my knife holding hand was sore.  My clever wife did mention that it just may have been too much whittling.  Now one may think that a smart fellow like me would connect the dots and take a break from whittling...Not only am I old, but now, not too smart.  Take a break- NO WAY!

Foam pipe insulation to the rescue.

After trimming the insulation down to a more comfortable fit to my hand, it feels better.

Just an idea in case there are some other whittlers that aren't smart enough to stop whittling for a few weeks.

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