Monday, June 1, 2015

Blanks for Carving On The Corner!

Folks sometimes ask about cutting the blanks for carving on the corner.  Carving on the corner uses a triangle profile for the carving surface.  Carving on the corner is most often used when carving pins and ornaments of human heads, such as the Santa tree ornaments.

If one has a table saw, it is easy to set the blade at a 45 degree angle and rip the blanks from a board.
While many do not have access to a table saw, they may have a scroll.

To cut a corner blank with a scroll saw, start with a piece that has a 45 degree side, and use it as a guide.  You can purchase 1 x 1 x 12 practice sticks, and place them up against the guide as shown in the following photo.  Hold the 1 x 1 x 12 against the guide piece and move both into the saw blade at the same time to cut your corner blank.

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