Monday, December 28, 2015

Assembling a small Gnome Scene

Each year I whittle many small Gnomes.  In fact they seem to multiply when I am not looking.  I always try to use the small Gnomes in scenes, that I use for holiday sales and just for gifts.

Remember, my main motivation here is to use up the small Gnomes that I whittle.  I'll get to the Gnomes later, but right now here's the other components of the scenes.

The trees are from Jo Anns and cost about $1, and come with a plastic cup stand.  I remove the plastic stand.

I merely whittle the mushrooms.

Cut the boxes from 1/4", 3/8", and 3/4" square stock.

The ladder is two popcicle sticks and small dowel rod.

The base is from Hobby Lobby and it costs a couple bucks.  I'm too lazy to make my own.

The tree is stuck into a hole drilled into the base at its center.  The Gnomes, mushrooms and boxes are glued to the base.

The ornaments on the tree are glass beads with opening large enough to stick on the ends of the tree branches.

The tree topper star is a small wood star.

On one scene the star is glued to the tree top.  The other scene has a Gnome holding the star while on a ladder ready to put it into place.

Here's the Gnome(s)

Gnome is 2 5/8 inches tall by 3/4 inch thick.  As you can see the hat can be as tall as you like, but the Gnome is still the same size.  Also note that the Gnome is looking up.

For the gnome holding the star, as use an "add-on" arm.

Note:  You'll do better than the Gnomes that were photographed,  These Gnomes were the left overs from this season on giving......

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wds said...

Thanks Tom, that's exactly what I was hoping for. I'l'll let you know how I make out