Monday, January 11, 2016

East Pattern Modification (Gnome to Santa)

I have found that there exists quite a learning curve when one starts to carve a new item.  In fact this is true whenever a new effort is started.  It is much easier to change a project that you are experienced in carving than learning a whole new project.

I carve simple Gnomes all the time.  I know the sequence of cuts that work for the best.  In order to carve a simple Santa why not just modify the Gnome pattern.  When studying the gnome it is easy to see that there are very few differences between the gnome and a Santa.  

These differences are the hat and the coat.  I'll add some white trim to Santa's coat.

Here's some examples to compare:


Birds Of A Feather Flutes said...

Wow. Thanks for this one. makes a lot of sense to me.

Peter McDonald said...

Hi I'm new to whittling and carving where could I find a simple gnome pattern to start with?

Tom H said...

Peter, Thanks for your interest in a pattern for a Gnome. Thanks for checking this blog. In the next day or two I'll post a pattern for a very simple/easy Gnome, that should appeal to those of us who are just beginning to carve/whittle.