Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Opps 10 weeks with no posting

I promised myself that this would never happen.  "This" being so long between my posting on this blog.  I assure you this was not planned.  The following is an attempt to list what I have been involved in during the past 10 weeks....

Wife and I live in Florida in the winter.  I say live, because we spend 3 months on the beach, on Cape San Blas.  That's in the Panhandle.  Before we packed up and left for FL I completed 8 weeks of physical therapy for herniated disks and all that goes with that.  The first thing the spine specialist asked me was, "How long ago did you break your back"?  I tried to explain that he must have the wrong X ray.  Of course he said "nope look at this white line.  That vertebra was either broken or at the very least cracked."  The only problem I was experiencing was loss of feeling. numbness and the leg would not do what I wanted it to do when walking.  Anyway, PT and more have helped a lot.

Prepared for and taught two beginner classes at an art center.  During one of the classes a 5 gallon glass carboy of beer blew up.  Took me back a number of years, as I almost dropped to the floor under the table.

Driving into town one day in my new Dodge Caravan a plumbing truck failed to note that I had stopped in traffic.  Plumbing truck rear ended me and pushed me into the car in front of me which in turn went into the back of a motor coach.  Suffice it to say, one hell of a BANG-UP.  Over $11,000 damage to my Caravan.  Two good things came out of this.  First neither my wife nor I were hurt.  This means that the anti whip lash seat head rests work.  Second the plumbing company had good insurance.  Since the van was not road worthy it was repaired in FL.  The collision repair facility was first rate and did a great job - BUT.  That being said, I am now going round and round to establish and collect Diminished Value.  No dealer will give anything above auction average price for a vehicle with as much damage as mine had,.  Maybe I'll have to pull out my back X rays.

This diminished value claim is taking up lots of time.

My new whittling book was released in April.

I am preparing to teach four classes at the Fox Chapel Woodworking Open House in May.

I am preparing demonstrations for the Woodcraft stores supplier show in May.

I know, pretty poor excuses for not writing and posting on the blog......

Oh! forgot, my computer was hacked too,  lots of stuff lost......

I'll do better!

Tom H


wds said...

Thanks for the update Tom; I was beginning to get concerned after checking in and finding no updates. Sorry to hear that you're having back problems, the other stuff ( automobile and computer ) is mearly an inconvience, but one's health is not to be taken lightly.take care and post when you can

Joshua Miller said...

I am glad and relieved to hear that you are "OK". I hope things continue to get better for you. Thank you for the update. I will be purchasing your book soon.

Patricia Lopez said...

Oh thank goodness you are okay! Was starting to worried like others said! I feel you with the back pain (I have two bulging disks on my lower back)! Thanks for the update.