Thursday, May 11, 2017


Continued step by step whittling the ultra flat plane Rhino.

The goal in the following steps is to "create" the flat planes by removing slices of wood at the sharp edges of the blank.  Instead of rounded corners and edges we want the flat planes left over from removing slices from the blank edges.
Step 1  -  Remove chip from center of lower belly.

Step 2 -  Pare the corner off of the back of the front legs.

Step 3 -  Pare the corner off the front of the rear legs.

Step 4 -  Remove the front of the feet on the rear legs.

Step 5 -  Slice the corners off the top of the rear legs.

Step 6 -- Slice the corners off the bottom of the head.

Step 7 -  Pare the corners off the top of Rhinos head area.

Step 8 -  Continue removing the corners of the bottom of the head.

Step 9 -  Make a stop cut dividing the two ears.

Step 10 -  Pare down from the tops of the ears to the stop and remove the chips.

Step 11 -  Lets hope it looks some what like this.

If you want color, now is the time.  I like to dilute water based acrylics.

Time to whittle more ultra flat plane animals for the Ark.

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