Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I am always on the lookout for quick and easy items to whittle.  These items need to be carried in my pockets and ready to whittle no matter when or where I might be.
Halloween is in October, and I always like to have some small items to give or to sell.  For some reason, skulls seem to be liked.  

Here's a small SKULL PIN, or MAGNET
 that's easy and fast to do.

The following photos are a step-by-step sequence to start and to complete the small skull pin or magnet.

Step 1-  Make some sketches.

STEP 2-  Transfer a sketch to wood and cut out the pattern.  Here I have selected two sketches for patterns and whittling.

Step 3_  Trace the patterns onto 3/8 inch Basswood, and cut the blanks out.  Trace and cut out lots of blanks.

STEP 4-  Use you knife to round over the edges.

STEP 5-  I used the drill to shape the eye sockets, and the knife to shape the teeth.  The skulls in the following photo were darkened so you could see that I left the knife marks prior to adding the finish.  To lazy to sand!  I dipped the skulls in maple stain, then clear polyurethane. 

Here's an example of sanded skulls.  I like the unsanded.

Step 6-  Add a tie tack or a pin back to the skull.  You could also add a magnet.

I whittled 8 of these with my morning coffee.  Of course I had to promise some for the waitresses at the diner... 


Brian Boatright said...

I always enjoy your posts and carvings. You said you whittled these at breakfast, sounds like at a diner. What do you do with your shavings? Do you carry a banana to catch them in on the table?

Tom H said...

Brian, First rule for whittling at the diner is to be sure the waitresses get some carvings, especially at Christmas time. I keep all the chips in a small pile then sweep them into a napkin. Thanks for you comment....Tom H