Saturday, September 9, 2017

HINT, For Improvement and Renewing Interest In Whittling Santa!

Whenever I get into a rut or find that my whittled Santa's are looking all the same I go to a piece of paper and draw.  And in this case I sketch Santa's.  I try to draw all kinds of Santa faces.  This exercise helps me to try to whittle more and different Santa faces.  All it takes is a pencil and paper...

Keep on making drawings until you get one you like, and would like to carve.  Then make additional sketches of the selected drawing.  Make these additional sketches as much a like as the  one selected.  These additional sketches are important to "lock" the drawing process and image into your memory.

I have found these exercise helpful.  I hope you do too.


Unknown said...

Hey could you do a step by step on how you made that zombie santa ornament. My sister in law is doing a walking dead tree and I think she'd really like these. I tried but I'm having some issues.
Please and thank you

Tom H said...

I'll try to get to a step by step in the next several weeks. I'll post it under a new posting. THANKS for asking!