Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Idea for an Excess of whittled items!

Sometimes I end up with quite a few small Santa heads, as a result of demonstrating whittling a small face.  Normal uses of these pieces have been to put either an EYE screw or a PIN BACK on them.
Last year I tried to think of another way to use the excess Santa's.  I settled on PARTY PICKS.  All I had to do was drill a hole in the bottom and place a skewer.

  I took a bunch to a local carving show/sale.  No interest at all!   The Santa's with a pin back and eye screws sold, but not the party picks.  Finally a young fellow stopped and picked one up and looked at it.  I said, "party pick".   He said, "swizzle stick"!  That's just what I need!  He said, I'm bar tender, and I need something special for some of my good customers, at Christmas time...This fellow was the only person who was able to see what he could do with the Santa skewers.  I gave him all ten for thanks...

I now display the SANTA SKEWERS with olives, and always sell out........NOTE - The olives are whittled too.

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