Thursday, June 25, 2009

Snake In The Box

This Ol' timey church toy is very easy to make. The toy involves basic wood working skills, simple whittlin, and wood burning. Momma used to put some of the church toy in her purse. When the kids started gettin antsy, she'd hand them out. When you pull the top slide out, the snake pops up. Push the top slide back and the snake goes back in the box. The simple whittlin is done to shape the snakes head, and round off the body. The wood burning is merely any "snakey" pattern you want. I think you can see how the snake in the box is assembled and how it works be looking at this exploded view.


Thomp said...


i forgot about this one great idea

Hal in Seattle said...

tom could you post you 5 minute wizard??

Hal inSeattle