Friday, June 26, 2009


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Definition: Whimseys are pocket knife carvings, often made from one piece of wood, that often have little utility art, These folk art objects are carved to amuse, amaze, illustrate and solve a carving trick or puzzle, as in, "How was that made?" Special knives and tools might be used to supplement the whittler's pocket knife to achieve complex and detailed whimsey carvings
Due to copyrighted material i just made links to the pictures instead of just swiping them
here is a puzzle LINK to a ball puzzle looks like could be made from jinga blocks or bigger oak stock, basswood would do if your not rough with it.
This LINK is to the solution and the only instruction ive found on this small puzzle, looks like this feller made this puzzle out of 3/4" x 3/4"stock i would take a guess and say each piece is 2 or 3 inches long at most.
It should be a easy project to all but the raw beginner.
Please post a comment if you have Questions or answers.


Hal in Seattle said...

i used to have one of those , i wonder where it went.The sights looking good.I'll see if i get some pictures of my latest carving. ( little people)

Hal in Seattle

Fitz said...

You can find that puzzle and a lot of other great whimseys in a book that was published originally in 1930. I got a copy from Barnes and Knoble a few months back, it's called "The Art of Whittling" by Walter L Faurot. I thimk it was about $10, a great book well worth the price.


Thomp said...

i just got my books in from alan's scratch and dent sale, one is particularly on puzzles, when i get time to get them ill post more on the subject soon...