Saturday, August 1, 2009

Carving Mentorship teams

Team 1. skilled carver:Hal-in-seattle student: Hal in Seattle confirmed. to be experienced carver, of something easy... 1st Carving project Subject: left to the student participant. Team 2. Gene Messer confirmed. to be experienced carver List of students: "with help needed" Fitz "I have reasonable success with the body parts but freeze up when I get around the head and eyes could really use help there।"
  • tmrkr wrote... I would like to learn more about flat plane carving. I do a little, but I am no expert
  • Jeff Vidrine wrote...I am a new carver. like to sign up as student
  • Buckboard WoodWorks wrote...Student Hi gang, I could go for some mentoring. I am wanting to work more in the round. Frank
Note: Since this is a new untried program, im hoping, it will not need a great complicated set of rules, but expect changes as needed।
  • One member of a team needs to Post a contact point email address,then your connected.
  • The Experienced carvers, agree to teach by example, shipping the study guide.
  • The Student agrees to learn by example then ship results.
  • Both carvers agree to exchange in snail mail.
So make contact with the folks that fits your skills from the list and carve on.. please keep us posted,
contact me, (LA is lowercase) if you don't want your email address posted on the blog,.
if you would send photos of projects include story, and i will post progress, unless the experienced carver wants to be a contributor and have blog admin rights, so they can write and post photos on their own...

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wildharestudio said...

I guess I need new glasses cause the writing in the mentor part seems really small. I really like the mentor idea. How do I sign up?