Saturday, August 1, 2009

Listen Up, Ya all!

This blog is for wood carvers: beginners and experienced carvers alike. This blog is different from most blogs that you might visit. This blog is different, because we are inviting you to participate. We may post questions to be answered. We invite you to answer them, from your perspective. In fact we invite you to ask questions. We will include carving tutorials, and links to carving ideas and step-by-step instruction. We'll post carving tips and information. We'll be inviting some of you to post, once we get to know you. To participate, all you have to do is leave a comment. If you don't participate, that just means that Ol' Thomp and myself will be talking to ourselves. There are several places to comment, whether about the whole blog or a specific posting. And if you find this blog worthwhile, sign on to be a Follower. There will be special perks for Followers. There is one very important consideration though. Tell us who you are. If you want to participate in the Mentoring Program for instance, we'll have to have a way to communicate with you. Tell us how we can communicate with you. Things coming up in the near future: a. Drawing for the knife giveaway. b. Another giveaway for the Followers only. Please be patient with us. We're both old, cantankerous, and set in our ways. This blog is evolving. If you have suggestions for the blog, please leave a a comment and tell us.

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Tom, How do I sign up to be a follower of your blog?