Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday tom's

Well Tom, its that time of year again,
Just grit your tooth and take it from all that know you,
Its gonna be a all day thing....
Heck, who am i telling you got a little more practice at it than me
HAPPY BIRTHDAY friend! click


Thomp said...

it could have been this one for an old fart!

Marcia said...

Happy Birthday you two!! Start taking deep breaths so you can blow out allllll those candles out! *wink*

Thanks for all things you two do for us all.


Hal in Seattle said...


Happy Birthday to you also , don't eat to much cake!

Hal in Seattle

ps: liked the ice tray idea for storing tools , going to get myself a couple this weekend.

hal in Seattle

Ed said...

You two have a wonderful 29th birthday. ;-)

Ed (bigEd_H) Hulett

Gene said...

Happy Birthday you whittlin fools you ..
A special day for two wonderful carvers