Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little Gnome in progress!

Opps! Almost forgot to thank Ol' Thomp for the birthday greetings. You see we share the same birthday. Only I'm bout 12 years older than Thomp. Happy Birthday Thomp! Have a good one ol" friend.
Now, since this blog is supposed to address some carving items, I'll answer some questions about the carved Gnome that was previously posted. First, the pocket knife I use is a single lock back blade knife (OAR CARVER). And yes! I love it, after Rick from LITTLE SHAVERS reworked the blade, that is!
Marcia asked about the carving of the Gnome. I started out with a 6" piece of 3/4" x 3/4" basswood. I carved the Gnome on the corner with the pocket knife. I started the carving with the hat. The hat was first because it's on the end of the stick, and its size will determine the size of the Gnomes head. Next I roughed in the head and its hair. Next were the shoulders, and the bottom of the arms. I carved from the top to the bottom of the Gnome. I never worry about whether one shoulder is a bit higher than the other. If they're not even, it adds character. The Gnome in the photo is about finished. I'll have to complete the legs and feet, as well as clean up a bit.
I am doing one of these little Gnome a day, so the next one I'll try to remember to take some sequenced photos...


Hal in Seattle said...


That oar carver , where did you get it and how much do they cost?if i can be nosey?
Hal in Seattle

Tom H said...

Actually I traded a carving for the knife. But THE WOODCRAFT SHOP in Bettendorf, IA sells them for About $65.

Anonymous said...

i would love to see step by step photos!

Tom H said...

I shoukd have a step-by-step posted on Monday Aug. 31, 2009. Unless my wife puts me to other work.

Tom H