Friday, August 21, 2009

OPEN POST Thursday!

You ever had problems following magazine articles while trying to carve them,? this is not blaming magazines, or authors, but our experience and level of understanding, after starting this thread on wci over the next 3 nights of sleeping on the idea, and waking up Shocked and looking for tools in the bed i figures out i better finish this one. here is a link on wci that i recently experienced carving the flying witch, and i wasnt ready to start i didnt understand the different depths of the face on this one Post comments about your direction understanding experiences please.


Tom H said...

Damn, Thomp! Too many arms and legs for me! But then you are best at preping a piece of basswood for carving.

Robert Cahill said...

My daughter is down and kinda hinta that she would like one so I may have to attempt it. I wanted to mention that the in the link you gave is another link to ... fun with a pencil by Andrew Lewis and it is an online book one I will be using a lot. I almost ignored it until I realized it was online
Thanks Robert