Friday, September 18, 2009

Whittlin The Civil War Soldier Part 2

Here is the "quick & dirty" Part 2 of whittlin the Civil War Soldier. If you whittled your soldier out of wood that is larger than 1/2 x 1/2 inches, you'll want to cut away more of the body so that the arms have more dimension.
The next Civil War Soldier will be done with the arms separate, then added to the body. This technique saves time and wood; while letting you create more action.


Anonymous said...

tom h or thomp,
is there any way i can print out the picture, you know at this age i forget by the time i walk from computer to shop.
no mother will not allow me to carve in computer room ,
really like this site, you guys keep me going, thanks

Thomp said...

sorry sam,

thats tom h's image, its locked in that video, and he's out of pocket today.

id post it if i could

Gene said...

Tom And Thomp .. what agreat job you are both doing on these walk throughs ... everything is great looking and simple ..