Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whittlin The Civil War Soldier

When I whittle a Civil War Soldier, I use only my pocket knife and a V tool. The V tool is used only to texture the beard and the hair. I have used 1/2 x 1/2 inch Basswood, but you can use any size that you have. I carve on the corner, and start at the top of the piece of Basswood. By starting at the top, I can adjust the sizes to fit the head. The style that I end up with is probably some where between flat plane and regular carving.
I have started this slide series with the soldiers head with his cap. I will continue with the body in the next few days. You have probably already noticed that there are only some small changes in the process of carving a Wizard, a Santa, and a Civil War soldier.

Sorry i waz dragging today...thomp


Gene said...

Tom .. you are the best at this .. fantastic tutorial


Deb said...

Guys, guys, guys, what happen to the bigger size view, I getting on up there and can't see as well as I use to. I want to see this guy carved.


Tom H said...

Deb, You're correct! I don't know how to make it happen, except to beg Ol' Thomp to do it. You hear me Thomp?

Thomp said...

I here ya...
just waiting to see if that one waz the keeper or not.

sorry! deb

Anonymous said...

thanks for the slides. thomp you got to keep him straight,
can't wait for the others,

Hal in Seattle said...

keep up the good work , as usual and thanks for doing this for everyone.

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Anonymous said...

finally got one done, now to paint.ugg.
thanks to the tips, had to keep running back and forth from outside to computer as i can't figure out how to print picture, took a little longer but dog liked going in and out.
one of my doctors is a re-enactment guy, horse rider, but i think he will be ok with this , thanks again, hope to see you in dayton,if not sooner, need to get blades sharpened.