Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hey! I didn't mean to scare you all away from a simple little carving swap. All I did was describe what might happen if any participant failed to complete their swap. The name of this blog is BEGINNERS CARVING CORNER AND BEYOND. Actually, the "AND BEYOND" part was added. If anyone thinks of themselves as a beginner, please don't let that keep you from swapping. This blog is dedicated to beginners. Shoot I've only been carving for about 5 years and consider myself an advanced beginner. A typical carving in an exchange/swap such as this one will be a smaller carving 2 to 6 inches in height, and taking anywhere from a couple of hours to 7 or 8 hours to complete. Seein how the Holiday Season is about upon us, a Christmas tree ornament could be a real consideration. Anyway, we need to see some more participants. Shoot! the carved Christmas tree ornament exchange on the WCI Board has the participants carving around 24 to send out. We're only talkin one (1) carving in this exchange. Plus, you got two (2) chances to win a really nice carving knife.


Hal in Seattle said...

Toms right come on Guys & Gals get your names on the list so this swap can get rolling , what more can you ask for a Carving done by one of your fellow carvers and two chances at one of Thomps World Famous Razor Knives , Damn sounds good to me. A FREE KNIFE COME ON SIGN UP NOW!

Robert Cahill said...

I have to agree with Tom it will be fun.I was lucky enough to win the drawing and recieve one of Tom's knife so I personally know how nice they are. I am not a particularly good carver but when I was in the WCI little guy swap I did get a lot of good carvings and had a lot of fun .So join up.

Thomp said...

Hey Thomp,
Count me in.

Chris Seymour
27 Sylvia Street
Newburgh, NY 12550



Hal in Seattle said...

So are doing this ??? How many do we have ?? I;m ready to go.

Gene said...

Tom .. I havent been paying attention lately .. put me in for one