Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Exacto Knife! (Custom Handle)

Don't know if any of you all have seen this kind of a set up before. One of the fellows I carve with (Bill Bauer) turned this handle for his Exacto knife. He's turning some that are a bit fatter, for me, and some others. More and more carvers (especially bark carvers) seem to be using the Exacto knife for some applications. If anyone is interested in some particulars let me know. Bill will have some at the Dayton show, in November.


Larry Marshall said...

Nice looking knife. I've made/sold a few of these conversions to the miniatures community. I'm not a fan of X-acto knives for carving so I've never used one for that.

Cheers --- Larry

Hal in Seattle said...

I have one of those , less the wood Handle , i use it as is and mainly for doing Northwest Indian Art.