Sunday, November 1, 2009

CARVING SWAP! cancelled!

Carving contest canceled due to lack of interest ! Rules of the contest are listed in other posts but these are the main ones: TIME FRAME: If you are interested, you must let us know by Halloween (Oct. 31, 2009) . The carvings must be completed and mailed during the week of: Dec. 1, 2009. This gives you one (1) month to complete the carving. Ya got nine (9) more days to sign up. But from over 50 followers, if there arn't at least 20 signed up, we'll have to cancel the swap. Well folks it's 2 Nov and we got only 10 signed up members... 1. Hal Allen 2. scarnes 3. Kent perry 4. Robert perry 5. terry maker 6. ed hullett 7. rice-grinder jim 8. herb jakers 9. bill Anderson 10.Chris sea-more
Hope I didnt miss the other 10 in comments.. We left the contest hang in there until after the weekend hoping to allow it to gain interest on its own, but to no avail. And to be fair to me and Tom h. we got to kill this one!


Terry Marker said...

Bummer, but I can understand. Maybe another time.

Terry Marker

Tom H said...

Terry, We'll for sure try again!
And thank you for your interest.

samuel said...

dag nabit, needed another knife from thomp.
count me in next time too,

Hal in Seattle said...

i'm in also !

Anonymous said...

I thought I had signed up.
Don't know what I did wrong.

Robert Cahill said...

That anonymous message is from me

Chris S said...

Hey Thomp,
If you try again, I am in as well.