Thursday, January 7, 2010

Carving Safety

Since Thomp started this blog for beginners, thought I'd list 10 tips about safe wood carving, that were published 10 years ago in WOODCARVING ILLUSTRATED. 1. Keep your tools sharp. 2. When making dust or using chemicals, protect your eyes, nose, mouth, and skin. 3. When running machines that produce high decibels, protect your ears. 4. Properly dispose of rags that have been used to apply oil finishes. 5. Don't carve when tired, distracted, or under stress. 6. Read the instructions that come with power tools. 7. Protect your hands. 8. Wear eye protection when power sharpening, or using power tools. 9. Make sure your woodcarving is securely clamped or held down whenever possible. 10. Take lessons from the experts.


Murphyfish said...

Hi Tom,
The advice seems simple and common sense, but good practice is something that should be remembered and observed at all times in the workshop. A good post and a timely reminder for me with my garage projects soon to be resuming.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.