Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting Your Carving SPARK Back!

Anyone find themselves in a carving slump? I am! You know, just can't seem to get to carving anything. Just sit there and look at the stuff, but don't pick up the tools and do anything. And if you do start a carving, you're not satisfied; and put it aside. Any one out there have any suggestions as to how to rediscover the "Carving spark"?


Jim Birch said...

Come up with a purpose to carve. Mine is trying to get ornaments for an Xmas tree that would be auctioned off for a charity. I want to get some locals involved, but cant find any. But it gives me a purpose to do it.

Anonymous said...

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Marcia said...

I dont suppose now is the time to ask if you have a five minute Easter Bunny idea in your head? I'm looking for ideas.. *grin*

I do know that 'slump' feeling.. I'ma lump slump lately myself.


Anonymous said...

The hardest part of any project is getting started but once begun the creative juices take over. I always suggest a twenty minute work out each day "putting the carving tool to the wood" if nothing more than seeing what all you can do with the tool ---and lo and behond that 20 minutes grows into hours as a project to carve takes over (and you are out of your slump) read this link for the same idea
or go to and New Years Day posting. Carve away and always Be Carveful, Don

carverswoodshop said...

been there done that, carving has the come as a fun hobby, if your not having fun , your not going to do it, i had a while i didnt carve anything, and sometimes some project are more fun that others to carve. i have to say of all the youtube projects i did i enjoyed the pilgrim the most, why , one it was an idea came to me quickly and i finished in a week, i took it along to work , i was very happy with him, i was like a little kid showing folks at work, and i wish every carving was like that, i have carved now for 30 years, and if you have to force to carve its no longer fun, taking a break is not bad, its just the way it is with most hobbies , and some how something will come to you that will make you enjoy it again, its ok to be in a slump , we all been there and done that, arleen

LMiller said...

From the peanut gallery ~

I find that when I am 'just not feeling it' I can do some roughing out on another project rather than tackling something complex on a current project -- like eyes. If I don't feel it, my work shows it. But I will put a blade to wood doing some roughing, sometimes the feel comes back and I get along nicely. If not, I don't force it.

I suspect that this may show a character weakness more than it shows a means to move things along - chuckling - but that's how I approach it.

Thanks for all the info!


Tom H said...

Don, Arleen, and LMiller:

Great advice! not just for me, but for any carver who may find them selves in a carving slump.