Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ol' Thomp Report!

Phone rang the other day, and I picked it up. A scratchy ol' voice stated, "good mornin", "it's a voice from the grave". Yep, Thomp was callin me. No matter what time of day he calls, he opens with "good mornin". I think it's cause he just woke up. Well this time when he called he was in Kidney dialysis. Hooked up to the machine for 5 hours. Ol' Thomp sounded like ol' Thomp. although kinda weak. Said he didn't remember anything after he got to the hospital. Said he didn't remember his heart stopping, bein on a ventilator, or anything; except that he can't find his carvin knife. Maybe he's on the way to gettin stabilized. Anyway it sure was good to hear his voice. Thought you would want to know.

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Jim Birch said...

Tell Thomp to hang in there! I know what its like, our medical histories are very similar. Just gotta keep going each day.