Friday, June 4, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice

We've all heard the phrase PRACTICE, PRACTICE,PRACTICE. I truly believe that if most folks practice carving a face, that they will eventually be able to carve a very good face. A carver that I respect very much once told me that after I carved 1000 faces I might be able to carve a good one. There's truth in that statement. But there is also a hidden danger. Matter of fact there are several dangers. First, you better be sure that the manner in which you are practicing is safe and the best way to carve the object. If you practice an "incorrect" way to carve, and you keep on practicing it; you've just formed a "bad" habit. And it's damn difficult to unlearn a bad habit. The best way to start, is to sit with an experienced carver, and watch and ask question. Get that early guidance to doing it the safe, best, and correct way.

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