Friday, June 4, 2010

Tutorial Articles-What's missing!

Have ever read an article or tutorial showing how to carve something? If you have, I'll bet you've noticed how something seems to be missing. Very seldom is the knife shown in a step by step photo. I think it's very important to have the knife in the photo. It seems to me that it's critical to show the knife blade in relation to the cut being made. Is the cut made with the blade point? Is the cut made with the blade angled in any direction in relation to the wood? And just as important as the knife blade in the photo is a descriptive narrative to accompany the photo. This especially true when attempting to show how to carve the eyes. So many photo tutorials seem to have too few photo steps. They make big leaps, where a critical carving step seems to just happen...... This is why it's so important to sit with an experienced carver and watch and ask questions.

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Hal in Seattle said...

Right you are , I don't think i have ever seen a knife in a tutorial , as they go step by step. Its usually at the front where they show you all the tools needed or that they used!!