Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shop and carving Safety - Revisited

Have been asked to put together a presentation/discussion on shop safety for wood carvers. In doing some searching for a different twist to gain attention to a subject that is always important, I ran across an interesting technique to gain a classes attention. Seems the instructor came to class with a package of hot dogs that had a dowel run through the length of them. Yep, each student got to run one through the table saw. This got me thinking! With all the experience out there, why not ask for some suggestions and ideas that might be interesting in the discussion on shop and carving safety. Anyone willing to share an attention getting technique? .....or..... A unique and specific safety rule, A story about shop and/or carving safety....or LACK of safety attention, How about it? Some thing to make a shop and wood carving safety discussion more interesting? You do it, and I'll compile it and share it with you.......

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