Monday, February 7, 2011

Sad News - Ol' Thomp is Gone

It is with a sad heart that I report that Ol' Thomp (Thomas Perrin) passed away this past Saturday. Thomas and I started this blog several years ago in an effort to provide newer wood carvers with a place to go for hints and information on how to do some whittlin and carvin. Thomas had been sick for the past year, but was still his ornery ol' self up to his last days. There wasn't a week that passed when we didn't talk on the telephone. Sometimes more than once a week. There wasn't a week that passed that Thomas wasn't planning his next wood carving, or improvement to his shop. I will miss Thomas. All who knew Thomas will miss him. I will miss the carving wisdom and knowledge that Thomas had accumulated, and was so willing to share. I will miss his humor, the "tall tales" that he shared with me, the recipes, and the stories of his growing up in the mountains of Colorado. Rest in peace Thomas

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