Thursday, April 7, 2011

Knives Blade Tip Breakage!

I recently broke the knife tip off my favorite pocket knife. When I say tip, I mean the very very tip (32 of an inch). Of course I was upset. But then I got to thinking. The more you use a carving knife, the more wear you put on the blade. The process of making cuts dulls the cutting edge and the blade point. The process of stropping the blade actually removes small amounts of the steel. This whole process can, and does weaken the blade over time; especially at the very tip. After thinking about it I wasn't as upset. I carve/whittle with this knife on a daily basis. And I strop often, about every 15 minutes. The more I carve, the more I strop, and the thinner the blade tip gets. When a tiny tip broke off I wasn't doing anything rough with the knife. It had just become "hair thin". Time to get the diamond "stones" out and put a new pointed tip on the blade.


Anonymous said...

Tom when you strop,how many passes on the strop would you say you make? Thanks, Richard.

Tom H said...

Richard, I strop the knife about five strokes on each side of the blade, on yellowstone compound, followed up by several strokes on hard leather.