Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Suprisingly Good Knife

My good friend Thomas Perrin (Thomp) and I started this blog to hopefully pass on some wood carving tips and ideas. Tips and ideas that might be useful to the beginner as well as the more experienced. Thomp passed away a few weeks ago, and I miss him. However, I am always running across items that remind me of him. Those who have been around for a while, know that Ol' Thomp liked to make carving knives. Heck! a few years ago he made swords - but that a different story. Not too long ago after we first became aware of the box cutter that Lynn Doughty uses to carve with, I asked Ol' Thomp if he would grind down the back of a box cutter blade to make a narrower knife.
This is the knife that resulted from that request. The handle is Ol'Thomps crayfish design and fits the hand very nicely. The blade is a bit limber, but still quite strong. The best part of this knife is that, the blade holds its edge for an incredibly long time. Thought you all might find this carving knife interesting. This little knife probably has 50 cents worth of materials, one hours time, and Ol' Thomps love of knife making invested. I'll keep it always, and on occasion will use it.


Robert Cahill said...

That is really a nice looking knife. Do you know about how far in the handle the blade is?
If you remember I was the lucky winner of Tom's knife giveaway. You sent me two (one broke) but I get a lot of use from the other one. His blog is still up and has a lot of useful information if anyone is interested

Tom H said...


There's about 1 3/16 inch of the blade that is epoxied into the knife handle. Thomp was worried that it was not enough, but it's held.