Friday, April 1, 2011

When 2 Blades Are Necessary #3

This pocket knife has two blades. Notice that the blade on the right is longer and comes to more of a point at the tip. The other blade is shorter and the tip is not as narrow/pointed.
I have found it most useful to use both blades with some smaller pieces. For example, I am using the shorter blade to make the cut between the Gnomes nose and his cheek, and continuing up and around to form the eye area. This shorter blade that does not come to quite a point at the tip is perfect for this cut. Since the arc that is cut is tight, this blade can handle it without breaking its tip.
In this final photo I am using the longer and more pointed blade to remove the chip that defines the eye area. The narrow pointed tip can reach into the corner and cleanly remove the chip. If I used the other blade to remove the chip, it would likely leave a piece of wood in the corner; thus creating a "fuzzy".

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