Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sam's football player

My buddy Sam asked me for a how to of a football player from a "hen" egg.
Here goes. Oh yeah, I was bribed Sam sent me a wonderful little Jim Tressel.
It will be a couple days til it's all posted.
When I start out I divide the egg in 2 with the end grain on the sides. Then I come down about a third of the way down and draw a line around the egg. This will be the bottom of the back. You will need to drop down a little bit for the bottom of the face mask.
Next cut them in. I carve a straight line around the middle then back cut down to it from the top and bottom. The size of the helmet is begining to take shape.
More later,
post any questions and thanks for looking,
Doug Sludgeguy Keller


Tom H said...

Will there be room for a tatoo!

Anonymous said...

at least a heart, for sure not a mototcycle,
a big MOM
by the way, the tressell was not a bribe, "i am not a crook"
in case you have not seen his little freezing cheerleader, check it out, make a cool tree ottament