Wednesday, July 13, 2011

9 Year Old Learns to Whittle

How many times have you been asked (begged) to teach a kid how to carve?
How old should a kid be before they can be expected to safely handle a knife?
Well, I am about to find out.

Today will be the first "lesson" for my nine year old neighbor.  Zinnie has mastered whittling sharp points on sticks, and has her own pocket knife.  Her pocket knife is an old Swiss Army knife, that belonged to her mother.
The smallest carving glove that I can find is still huge, so I'll wrap Zinnie's thumb and fingers in vet wrap.  If the wood is too small/short for her to safely make the cuts she'll use the small hand vise.
This knife made by Randal Olds should prove better for her small hands.  If need be I can cut the handle down, and put a few wraps of the vet wrap around it.  The blade is about one inch in length, and is kind of curved for slicing.
And of course a new whittler will need a place to keep their tools and materials.

I'll post up on Zinnie's progress.

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