Thursday, July 14, 2011

Z's Whittling Lessons

It seems to me that it will be very important to have the first whittling lesson be a combination of safety and actual knife use; that will produce a fun item.  It will be equally important that the lesson moves at a good pace and ensures success for Zinnie.  The first lesson will result in a "Whammy Doodle".  These little toys are called all sorts of names, but I choose "Whammy Doodle" because I thought Zinnie would like this name.

I prepared the blank by measuring 1/4 inch segments and making a STOP CUT at each segment.  I'll have Zinnie make a SLICE CUT to the bottom of each STOP CUT.  I'll make the propeller.

This should accomplish several things:
1.  Holding the knife
2.  Using the thumb to push and control the knife cut
3.  How to use the stop cut
4.  Cutting away from you
5.  Importance of not placing the holding hand/fingers in the path of the knife
6.  Repetition of cuts

Of course, any beginner can follow along with me and Zinnie.......

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