Friday, July 15, 2011

Z's Whittling Lesson - #1

In the absence of a small carving glove we wrapped Zinnie's thumb and fingers with vet wrap and masking tape, and started the lesson.  Here she's using the thumb push slice cut down to the stop cuts, on the "Whammy Doodle".  She did about 25 of these cuts, and got pretty good at it.

 Matter of fact, as you can see, the "Whammie Doodle" worked the first time.  Zinnie did real well making the cuts.  Her biggest obstacle was trying to make too big of a cut.  We had to concentrate on thinner slices.
 After the Whammie Doodle" success Zinnie wanted to do something else - an OWL.  After we reviewed the type of cuts that she did on the "Whammie Doodle", Zinnie noticed that they were nearly the same as what had to be done on the owl.
Here's as far as Zinnie got with the owl.  The only thing I did was make the stop cuts for her.  I think she did great job.  No knife slips! No bandaids needed!

We went at this for about 1/2 hour.  Zinnie completed the "Whammie Doodle", and got a good start on her owl.  At 1/2 hour Zinnie's hands were getting tired, she was beginning to get tired; so we called it a day.  And I think it was a successful day.  Especially when she asked me what time I get up in the morning..

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