Saturday, July 16, 2011

Z's Whittling Lesson #2

Back at it, first thing this AM.  Zinnie finished up her very first whittling.  She did the complete owl herself, except for the stop cuts.  All of the cuts were the "Thumb Push Cuts to the Stop Cut".  Again, band aids not necessary.  I am planning on checking the garden center for some kid sized garden gloves, to rework into carving gloves.  Zinnie is happy and I am happy.  We decided that 20 minute sessions were better than 30 minute sessions.  Zinnie wants to do some more owls.  She even said "practice-practice-practice"/

Dahli, Zinnia little sister could not be left out so we decided on some soap carving for her.  I knocked the sharp cutting edge off an old paring knife for Dahli to use.  She decided on a Polar Bear.  As you can see, she did great too.


sludgeguy said...

Hey Tom, your posts are right on time. I just got home from teaching 8 4Hers how to carve. Went great the kids had almost as much fun as I did. My motto was 3 small chips are far better than 7 stitches.

Tom H said...

Yep Doug! It's a blast. Don't know about your learners, but mine surpassed my expectations. I did finally realize that about 20 minutes maximum was their attention span, and the amount of time to hold a knife.


I would like to pass on to the lady with the young lady that is looking for a carving glove..I know Rick has small gloves as I bought a couple of dozen pair for some kids at school.. along with knives.. and he gave me a teachers discount.. it has been a few years but I know they have a smaller glove..
in Vancouver WA

Tom H said...

Thanks Will. Now I just have measure the girls hands and select the proper size - then place an order.