Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meet Trevor Scott - A New Wood Carver

Meet Trevor Scott.  Trevor is 15 years old, and not a typical teenager.  At least he's not as far as I'm concerned.  Trevor wants to learn how to carve.  And Trevor has patience. 
As soon as I saw that Trevor had an interest in wood carving, I assembled a beginners kit and some instructions and sent them to him.  This kit included, a glove, a thumb protector, and good beginners bench knife, a decent pocket knife, a small strop, some Basswood, and some instructions.  The instructions included step-by-step tutorials and study sticks for the 5 minute owl and the 5 minute wizard.  Opps, almost forgot!  Sent him some copies of the WoodCarving Illustrated magazine.  Told him to read all the articles, especially the one about carving safety.
The owls are the first things that Trevor attempted and completed.  After he started out with the owls, on his own, I spent a few hours sitting with him and he began to do the Wizards. 

I think we all need to encourage young folks to try wood carving.  If we are lucky enough to find one with as much interest and patience as Trevor Scott, we might be able to ensure the future of woodcarving.

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