Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some More Carvin With The Girls!

                                           The weather has cooled off and the girls want to carve some more.  In this first photo Zinnia is working on a little penguin.  Notice that she is wearing a carving glove on the hand that is holding the wood.  One of my friends (John Beach) had some Kevlar gloves left over from some  carving classes he recently taught.  This carving glove may be a bit large, but Zinnia was quite impressed when she read Kevlar on it label.  Course when I told her that Kevlar was what they made bullet proof vests out off she wanted me to get a gun and test it.

 In this photo Zinnia is putting the finishing touches on a 5 minute Owl.
 This photo is included to show the concentration that Zinnia has.  At least I hope that is what it is, and she's not sticking her tongue out at me.

Here's what Zinnia has finished up so far.  Three little 5 minute Owls and a Penguin.  You may notice that the penguin has a "business tie" instead of a bow tie.  This was Zinnia's idea.  I think these are extremely well done for only three 20 minute sessions.


 Dahlia is starting out carving soap.  We though she was still a wee bit young to handle a razor sharp carving knife.  This is her third project.  I hope you recognize that she has completed a Bear.  And more specifically, as she says, "a Grizzly Bear".  Notice that she has used a real knife for her soap carving.  I did make sure that the knife edge was quite dull before we started.  I just couldn't have Dahlia use a plastic knife or worst yet a Popsicle stick to begin learning to carve. 
I think Dahlia is quite pleased with her Bear, her Grizzly Bear.

When kids show and interest in carving, I think it's important for us to take the time and show them some of the basics.  I like to think of my time showing beginners a little about whittling and carving, as opening some doors to a great hobby.
Since there are four photos of Zinnia's carving and only two of Dahlia's I made Dahlia's twice as large.

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