Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Knife - Slicing Cuts

 We have been told that a slicing cut is the most desirable cut to make.  However, if one is self taught, one might have started out with a simple "push cut".  This is a difficult thing to overcome.  I am practicing making this slicing cut with the help of a new carving knife.  In this first photo I am slightly "pulling/slicing" the blade toward me.*  To achieve this "pulling/slicing" of the blade, I let my fingers that grasp the knife handle kinda slowly close into a fist, "pulling/slicing" the blade towards the rest of my hand.

To help me practice this slicing cut my new carving knife has a blade profile that is slightly curved.  The knife is called a "Hybrid" by its maker, Brandant Robinson from Utah.  The shape of this blade is about halfway between the full curved blade and a straight blade.  And it's a great help.  More of Brandant's knives can be seen on his blog at

I hope this makes some sense.  It's a lot easier to show than describe.

* You really should wear a glove or at the very least, thumb protection.  Do as I say not as I do....

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Bruutmans said...

Hey how nice of you to describe that.
It`s easier to show,then to explain you say.
Try and explain someone how you make a cut. Difficult i think.
Well,with the help of the pictures and the text,it`ll be understood i think.
At least i get it,lol.

Now i`m off to to do groceries and after that to the woods for some fresh oak pieces.

Kind regards Dries