Monday, November 21, 2011

Carved Stool For a Cat!

Dries Bruutmans from Brunssum, Holland (near the border with Belgium and Germany) sent this photo.  Dries is one of our followers from Europe.  This is a little carved stool Dries made for his nephews cat.  The legs on the stool are about the size of ones thumb, and the top is 3 cm thick.  The "stool" is a step-up for the cat.  Dries nephew recently rebuilt a part of his house and made a little walking hallway inside a wall.  But the entrance and exit are a little high for the cat to manage, so Dries made this little stool for a step-up.   This is real style for a cat.  It's also a great idea that solved a problem.  The carved stool will certainly be appreciated by Dries nephew and his cat.   Thanks for sharing Dries.

1 comment:

Bruutmans said...

Heey,how nice to see the stool!
Thanks for posting it Tom.
Looks great,but i still made a mistake i see.
The two legs on the left should have both been or in the front or in the back,then it looks the most similar. Ah well,there are more little nicks here and there,that`s the beauty of handmade stuff i geus :-)

Greets Dries