Monday, November 14, 2011

Some More Dayton Show Photos

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Bruutmans said...

Must have been a nice show.
We don`t have complete shows just for woodcarving.
We probably have it,no doubt about it,but never in this way. Then it is probably going to be a little part of a bigger Show.

But what great pictures.
I like the box verry much. What work is in there,my o my.
I recently did a pattern myself on a little stool,just 10cm long end 3cm wide. And that was a real nice job (did it in oak).
Can you imagine how it must look if you did a box like that. Wow what a job! Respect.

And my eye goes to the Santa who looks like a wizzard also (6th picture). Greatly done. Real nice.

And in the second set of pictures my interest goes out to the Lady with the Towel. WOW!!!