Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Merry Christmas to all.  I hope that we all have a memorable day, where ever we are, with ourselves, friends, and/or family.  It's kinda of a lazy day where I am, with part of family.  I am taking this time to just sit and whittle a bit.  I am not whittling anything in particular, except practicing.  I am starting with a stick and an instruction sheet that Jim O'Harra sent me.  The instruction sheet focuses on how Jim carves eyes.  To me, Jim carves the best most realistic eyes that I can think of.  This time that I am taking to practice is necessary for several reasons.  First, carving realistic eyes on a small carving is quite different from the larger ones.  Second, I must be a slow learner.  I have found the only way for me to "Learn" a new technique is to do it over and over again.   For this exercise I'll fill all four sides of several 3/4" x 3/4" sticks with eyes.  The more repetitions I do the better.  The only danger is in practicing an incorrect technique or step to the point where it is learned.

Hopefully the last eyes I do will be better than these first ones.


Bruutmans said...

Merry merry x-mas to all ofcourse!

Tom,is it possible that you post a step by step photo kind of thing,so i could see how it is done.
I realy have no idea at all.
Or can i find something like that on the net or anything?
I tried studysticks on youtube,but it`s too far away and you can`t see it verry good. Wich makes it verry difficult to do it right!
And learn it the worng way,i`d rather not.

Best regards Dries

Tom H said...

There's lots of tutorials on doing eyes. Some are useless but some are very good. However, I have yet to see a non video eye tutorial that satisifies all my questions and needs. Maybe I'm just too needy. I will try to put one together that will address my needs. Maybe this will address others needs too.

Anonymous said...

ttom h
don't forget me, you now i need to relearn the eyes, sorry am late but merry christmas and happy new year. sam