Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eye Practice

Yesh!  I've just learned something that I already knew about myself.  And that is; for me it is almost impossible to learn a technique from a written set of instructions.  It don't even make any difference if the written instructions are accompanied with illustrations.  I am sure that some folks can learn by following a set of written instructions, and in fact may prefer to learn this way.  Not me.  And I suspect many others have great difficulty learning from written instructions alone.  I need demonstrations, followed by step-by-step practice.  I need to see the following:
To see the blade profile and size
How the knife is held.
The angle of the knife cut.
The direction of the knife cut.
The depth of the knife cut.
Etc. etc, etc.

Without the benefits of an in person demonstration, with opportunity for questions and lots of review and supervised practice; it's kinda like trying to learn to play the banjo from written instructions.  Some can achieve the desired results, but I sure cannot.....
I will sit down with Jim O'Harra, and learn to carve better eyes.

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