Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Cheer to Everyone.

As we close in on Christmas, I had better take a minute (while I've got it) and wish everyone Happy Holidays and A Merry Christmas.   There are some observations that I can make, that hold great hope for the future of wood carving.  While selling at a Christmas Fair, I over heard some ladies exclaim (while looking at my Noah's Arks and carved animals), "My God Millie, those are wood".   As opposed to what, I thought.  Then it dawned on me that we are so used to seeing resin cast and plastic that we may just assume that it's all plastic and resin cast.  While this lady didn't purchase a Noah's Ark, four others did.  And their comments were just as interesting.  The buyers were all young mothers, who were purchasing the Noah's Arks for their children.  Each one made the comment that the Ark would last through several generations, and become a family heirloom.  While one said that in their family, all Christmas gifts this year had to be hand made.  Another said, "good idea, and not made in China either".  There's hope for us yet.  I also sold Santa pins.  The pins were about 1 1/2 inches in height and finished natural.  Since I had over 300 of them carved, I priced them low at $5.00.  I carve 3 or 4 of them with my morning coffee.  These pins went fast, and not entirely because of the price.  Many folks bought a handful for office gift exchanges where there was a $10.00 limit per gift.  Also lots of kids bought multiples for Christmas gifts for their teachers.  More than one of these kids said, "wow, hand carved, and each one is unique". 
I am seeing and hearing more and more people appreciating hand made.  Perhaps we are getting tired of all the plastic throw away toys that are massed produced.  I doubt that any plastic toy will become a family heirloom, that is passed down generation to generation.  Wood carvers are just part of this, and our carved wood items will be around for generations.
Thank you for following this blog.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

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Bruutmans said...

Hi there Tom,

A merry christmas to you too.
And ofcourse to anyone els who`m is reading here :-)
The kindest greats from overseas,a merry merry christmas and a verry happy new year to all.

Best regards Dries