Monday, December 5, 2011

NEW NAME DRAWN -For Detail Knife

Winner of the detail knife had until Monday to post up an acknowledgement.  Winner is a "no show", so lets draw another name.......


SC has until Thursday, December 8, to claim the knife....


display name said...

I still have a chance!
- Scarver

SCGobbler said...

It's me! Walt Whitman

SCGobbler said...

Wow! I can honestly say I have never won anything!

How would you like to get you my information?

Thank you! Thank you!

SCGobbler said...

Might help if you had my email address.

Bruutmans said...

Hi SCGobbler,

And congrats with your new knife!
Use it wisely and make beatifull things with it.
when i translate with google it says "I gun it to you" but that`s incorrect ,lol.
I do not know what the right word is,but i gun it to you hahahaa.

Kind regards Dries

Anonymous said...

as i have a few of the Cajin knives and it is sealed with the blood of 2 of the men involved, you will not own a knife that was made with more love than this one, treat it with great respect/

Robert Cahill said...

Thats exactly what I said when I won the first knife. Congradulations on the win and happy carving