Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winner of Thomp's Detail Knife - SCGOBBLER

Congratulations to Walt (scgobbler) the winner of the little detail knife.  And since Walt is a relatively new wood carver, I was going to tell him about this little knife, and how it should be used when I send it to him.  But thinking about it, I realized that we can all benefit from the explanation.
Thomp made this little knife from an inexpensive (cheap) little file.  Thomp would buy the package of the 8 inch files and pull out the flat and oval ones to make knife blades.  The package of files came from China or India, and were very cheap.  The metal that files are made from is very hard, therefore brittle.  But when properly shaped and sharpened, they hold an edge quite well.  However, they will not stand any twisting, prying, or aggressive action, without breaking.  These little knives are only intended as finishing or detail knives, not roughing knives.  As Ol' Thomp was prone to say. "when using these knives, think rice, small grains of rice.  Your chips should not be larger than grains of rice.  And as knife maker John Dunkle says, "they're not to pry hubcaps off".  But for carving little noses, they're great.


Bruutmans said...

Hi there Tom,

The last 5 scentences are incredibly helpfull/interesting. Specially the "grain of rice" part.
Thumbs up for that one.

Best regards,


Bruutmans said...

Do you have any comments on what to do when you break the tip of a knife,and really don`t know how to repair this? (or have the guts to do it!) I`m really thinkin of a knife shop. I broke the tip on the number 12 Pfeil knife. Foxtail knife it is called overhere,maybe you guys know it.

Well to be honoust and maybe this is a good one for the newcomers.

I twisted the blade some,to "pop" of the wood,but the knife said "krak" instead of the wood!

Never twist the blade!!

Maybe you can with a Flexcut knife, wich is a little harder in the tip,but not with this knife.

Buhuuu,me sad for being stupid.
Ah well,that`s life!

SCGobbler said...

Thank you so much!

I got the knife and could not be more impressed.

What impresses me the most is the sharpness of the knife. It makes me realize just how dull my pocket knife is in regards to how sharp this one is.

I see no bevel at all, but on my pocket knife I see a distinct bevel.

Thanks again!

The SC Gobbler
"Hunting turkeys from the mountains to the coast in South Carolina"

Bruutmans said...

Hi there winner!
Congrats and enjoy it verry much and be carefull with it.

Regarding to your bevel.
Someone once said : If you see something,you don`t have anything,if you don`t see anything,you might have something.

Best regards Dries