Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unlikely Gargoyle!

 One of the brothers that have the diner where I take my breakfast each day, asked if I could carve a gargoyle for one of the customers.  Without really giving it much thought I said OK.  A few days later I was given a photo from a mail order catalog of a gargoyle.  The first problem I saw was the size of the expected gargoyle - way too large for what I normally whittle.  But I set out to do the project anyway - my way.  Smaller than the photo!  During the whittlin, another thing happened.  The more I whittled, the more "ungargoyle" like the piece became.  In fact it first looked like a pig with wings.  But I could fix that in the detailing.  After the final detailing cuts were made, and upon inspection, yet another concern.  Aren't gargoyles supposed to have a scary mean look to them?  And I don't think gargoyles are supposed to look like puppies with wings either.  I might have pulled it off by naming the whittling, a "Baby Gargoyle".

The lesson to be learned is to make sure you ask questions about what the project is expected to look like, before saying OK.


Bruutmans said...

Hi Tom,

First of all ,i had to laugh enormously. Saying yes and not knowing what to do,verry verry dangerous! Can i have a go and will you say yes again? lol!!
I might ask you for al your cash,lol!
Just say yes anyways,hahahaha.

But the baby Gargole turned out to be nice, isn`t it?
I can`t whittle that,that`s for sure.
I`m having a shot at "The wizzard" from someone called whittler on youtube,Gene is his real name i presume.
I don`t have the experience some of you guys have,but i wish i could whittle a "Baby Gargoyle" like that. I like it verry much Tom.

Best regards Dries

Robert Cahill said...

I think it came out pretty nice. If memory serves me correctly to be called a Gargole it has to be a water spout also. Anyway I enjoyed the little fellow.