Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Whittled Owls

A very nice restaurant in a small town down the coast from us named THE OWL CAFE.  The hospitality, service, and meal was exceptional.  This is a place we'll be returning to often during our stay.  The next time we're there I'll be prepared to leave a little carved owl in addition to the tip.  First I must get a plan and make a sketch.  Here's part of their logo:
Next, I'll study this logo owl and determine the type of a whittling/carving I want to do.  I will have to consider that, 1) I want it to be a pin, 2)it needs to be small, and 3) it has to be within my abilities.  The logo owl is a realistic drawing.  I think my pin will be a somewhat stylized.  Next I need to make a few small sketches.
Next, I like to pick up my knife and a piece of Basswood and whittle a few trial pins.  This lets me see how to order my knife cuts, and plan for changes and improvements in the next trial piece.  I am sure you can see the variations of the 5-minute owl here.
Usually I don't settle on one trail piece to do, but use some parts of several.  Since this will be a pin, I'll carve it on the corner of a triangle shaped 3/4x3/4 inch piece of Basswood, for the flat back onto which I'll glue a pin back.

I'll finish up my final choice, and post it tomorrow.....Then talk my wife into going back to the OWL CAFE.



I like the third one from the L..
and still breathing

Tom H said...

Will, I have the little owl you carved and sent, but it's at home. I may try it from memory, it would be perfect. Thanks