Sunday, March 11, 2012

Whittlings For Art Festivals and Christmas Fairs

One of the nice things about spending a month at the beach, is the amount of time one has to whittle/carve.  While family can sit in the sun and watch the waves come in, I can whittle.  While family goes to town to shop, I can sit on the porch and whittle.  The question is what to whittle.  Last year I focused on whittling Santa's for little pins.  During the year I whittled so many of them that when asked, I said I would stop when I had a bucket full.  I never said what size bucket.  In fact by the time of the big carving show in Dayton, Ohio I had well over 300 completed.  Don't let that number shock you.  These Santa pins are fast and easy to do.  I think that's one reason that they are so relaxing for me to do.  I will paint some of these, but most will be dipped into a "wood conditioner", followed by a final dip into Deft.  When dried I glue a pin back on them.  Those Santa pins that I did not give away last year were priced at $5.00 each; and all sold.

These Santa pins are whittled on the corner, straight pins stuck in the top for dipping, into wood conditioner, immediately after dipped into Deft, then left to dry; before gluing pin backs on.  If I had some stain I'd dip some in a light stain too.

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